The Story of Tom, Mindy & the Pancreatic Tumor Part IV: Staying Healthy after Chemo

Mindy: In late August we began envisioning the possibility of a trip to Chile and Argentina for late October when Tom would be finished with Chemo. Both countries were places that Tom wanted to share with me, and we looked forward to this trip as a celebration for having survived both surgery and Chemo.

Two days before we were scheduled to leave, we had our routine monthly meeting with our Holistic Oncologist. The latest blood tests did not look good, and she didn’t feel that we should risk going on the trip. We suggested that we have another set of tests the next day, and make our decision after seeing those results. We also suggested that it would be easier to come back from the trip early if it were necessary rather than to postpone the trip.

Tom: Our trip to Chile and Argentina was another Honeymoon and a real celebration of life. You can see from the picture on the left that I was looking pretty worn out at the beginning of the trip. I quickly began to regain my strength and by the end of the trip had the beginnings of a beard and Mindy and I did a 20 mile bicycle trip in the hilly country near Pucon, Chile. We had blood tests done in both Argentina and Chile, and we could see definite improvements in all of the Liver enzyme tests, so we were able to complete our trip as originally scheduled. On this trip I began to take mistletoe injections every other day.

Two Weeks after End of Chemo

Two Weeks after End of Chemo

Mindy and I share a vibrant love of life and stepping out into the world as ambassadors in the name of love and healing. This trip contributed to my recovery and let me be a powerful example of healing out in the world.

Staying Healthy After Chemo

This is the point at which Mainstream medicine usually fails. Having ‘cut out’ the tumor, and ‘poisoned’ and/or ‘burned’ the body with Chemo or radiation to kill any remaining tumor cells, the cancer patient is now left on his or her own without any real guidance on what to do except for quarterly checkups.

While I was doing Chemo, I stumbled upon an internet based set of 11 presentations called The Truth about Cancer which began my in depth study of cancer treatments. I have learned that there are two parts to staying healthy post Chemo: one is to keep my body healthy and my immune system strong, and the other is to prevent a metastasis of the cancer into other parts of my body.

Energy Medicine

My first line of defense since 2010 when I discovered Energy Medicine has always been the Daily Energy Routine DER which for me also includes Tracing my Meridians and the Radiant Circuits, Connecting Heaven and Earth, the Celtic Weave and the Hook-up.

In addition to the DER I also check the polarities of the top of my head, the bottoms of my feet, and my pulse areas to be sure that they are not frozen or reversed. Then I check my pulses to see if any meridians are out of balance with too much energy. And finally I also check the polarity of the Alarm points for my meridians and then the Alarm points themselves to see if any maeridians are under energized. All of these checks can be done in just a minute or two. I especially use this set of checks if I am feeling out of sorts in any way. Often during or after an intravenous infustion, my Liver and Kidney meridians will be over energized. When this happens I can hold the sedating points for those meridians or simply trace the meridian in its normal direction, then in reverse and finally forward again to re-establish proper balance. (Checking polarities and Alarm Points is something you can learn from an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner. You can learn how to use the Alarm points in Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine on pp 126-130.)

Diet and Supplements

Diet and supplements are the key to a healthy body and immune system. Eating organic food and especially avoiding GMO foods and all forms of sugar are the keys to a good diet. Supplements – especially digestive and systemic enzymes – complement the diet and can even help to destroy tumor cells. Even before my surgery I began to take supplements. My Nephew, who used to play with the Pittsburg Steelers, has become a real health nut after watching his mother (my sister) die from lung cancer ten years ago. He had some very strong recommendations about what the best anti-cancer supplements were – like Vitamin D3 along with Vitamin K2. So I began taking a number of supplements ALL of which were later confirmed in June when I began working with Namaste. A list of my current supplements is at the end of this section. The Monthly cost of all of my supplements is around $900.

Preventing Metastasis

It wasn’t until my visit to the Paracelsus Clinic at Ronc in the Italian part of Switzerland this May that I began to learn about preventing metastasis. Mindy and I were already in Switzerland for a seminar on Loving for Couples and decided to take advantage of being in Switzerland to visit the clinic to get their opinion on what the best treatment plan for me would be. There I had a blood test done (which is not available in the US) that told us that I DO have both circulating tumor and tumor stem cells in my blood. It also confirmed that the Iscador Mistletoe that I have been taking since last November had increased the number of killer cells in my blood up to 2 to 3 times normal levels.

Part-IV Pix

During August I had another special blood test done through (also not available in the US. My blood was sent to Greece for testing) that identified the specific types of all of the circulating tumor and stem cells AND determined which chemo drugs and natural substances were most effective in killing them. These are the kind of tests that if routinely used by Mainstream medicine would allow cancer patients to materially reduce the likelihood of metastasis. These two tests together cost us $3000. Biofocus in Germany is another Lab which does similar tests to identify circulating tumor cells and the natural substances that will be most effective in dealing with them.

There are three parts to preventing a metastasis:

  1. Initial testing to determine if there are circulating tumor or tumor stem cells and identifying their type;
  2. treatment using the indicated agents to control the circulating cells; and
  3. periodic retesting to measure the progress and effectiveness of the treatment.

Mainstream medicine uses periodic CT and CT/PET scans to look for the presence of tumors. Blood tests provide a less expensive and more frequent way of monitoring.

Treating My Circulating Tumor and Stem cells

Now that we know what kind of circulating cells are in my blood stream, we are continuing the weekly intravenous infusions with the addition of Helixor Mistletoe and Artesunate. Intravenous High Dose Vitamin C turned out to be one of the most effective natural substances. The cost of Intravenous treatments is around $700 a month.

Monitoring my Progress

I have monthly blood tests to monitor my liver function and the level of inflammation in my system. Higher than normal liver enzymes are an indicator that something is amiss so that something might be done before a CT/PET scan detects a tumor. There are also quarterly tests to check on the number and types of circulating tumor and tumor stem cells. A number of these tests are not paid for by Medicare. The out-of-pocket cost of the monthly tests is only $35, but the quarterly tests with RGCC USA in Greece cost $675 (actually 625 Euros) plus another $120 for the local tests. The total monthly outlay for testing not covered by insurance is $300.

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List of Supplements

Take between Meals:

  1. Zinc- much research for generally enhancing immune function, but also helps lower copper levels which can promote angiogenesis and increase metastasis. 30mg twice a day
  2. Mountain Peak Nutritionals Glycemic formula contains Bitter Melon gymnema, chromium, vanadium and several other nutrients for lowering blood sugar and decreasing insulin resistance 1 cap 3 times a day
  3. Vitalzym XE- 3 caps twice a day
  4. Vascuzyme – contains Nattokinase a natural blood thinner and other enzymes 1 three times a day
  5. I3c- Regulates hormones and induces apoptosis (programmed cell-death). Pancreatic cancer cells have receptors for testosterone and aromatase enzyme which turns it into estrogen…which makes cells grow. 1 cap per day

Take before going to Bed:

  1. Magnesium Bisglycinate- 200mg once a day
  2. Vitamin D3- 10,000 iu/day
  3. Vitamin K2 (as MK-7) 90mcg- it keeps serum calcium levels lower while increasing vitamin D, and there is much research about Vit-K and many cancers
  4. Melatonin 20mg- enhances effects of gemcitabine, plus much research in many types of cancer. 1 cap before bed
  5. LDN-(Low Dose Naltrexone)- blocks opiate receptors on cancer cells, which allows the immune system to attack and destroy tumors.  Much research on use in oncology, MS and other autoimmune diseases.  Cannot be used when on opiate pain meds.  See org and for more information.  There are specific protocols for pancreatic cancer created by Dr. Burt Berkson, MD using IV ALA, oral milk thistle and LDN.
  6. EGCG- active ingredient from green tea and has anti-angiogenic properties, blocks IGF-1 receptors and enhances effect of gemcitabine.
  7. Iscador a Mistletoe extract have been used extensively in Europe to treat cancer for 30 plus years. It can dramatically improve quality of life and extend life significantly. 5mg by subcutaneious injection every two days

Take Anytime:

  1. Lipo-Spheric vitamin C- 1000mg twice a day
  1. Lipo-Spheric R-Alpha Lipoic Acid- 260mg twice a day lowers blood sugar & protects the Liver.
  2. Lipo-Spheric B-Complex (B-6 & B-12) to prevent neuropathy, which is one of the most common side effects of gemcitabine. 1 pkt a day
  3. Astragalus and milk thistle- both are synergistic with gemcitabine – in a tincture with holy basil, ashwaghanda, schizandra, opalopanax and dandelion root. Astragalus increases white blood count and milk thistle provides protection for liver and lowers liver enzymes. The other herbs support immune function.
  4. L-glutamine powder- amino acid that heals gi inflammation and decreases heartburn and loose stools. Also prevents neuropathy and supplies fuel to the immune system.  1 tsp powder in water twice a day and may take more to calm digestion.
  5. Fish Oil- 500mg twice a day

Take WITH Meals:

  1. Pancreatin is a digestive enzymes to compensate for loss of Gallbladder and common bile duct. 3 tabs with each meal.
  2. Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme formula 2 caps with each meal.
  3. Cholacol –provides additional bile salts to digest fat. 1 with each meal.
  4. Curcuma Sorb with Meriva or Curcumin Phytosome-2 caps twice a day
  5. Ohhira’s Propolis Plus Probiotic 1 with each meal for 20 days of each month with a break for the rest of the month.

Natural Substances to Control Circulating Tumor Cells

  1. Artecin (Alternate with Quertecin) 1 twice a day
  2. Quertecin 1 twice a day
  3. Stamets7 – contains Agaricus Blazei Murill and six other medicinal mushrooms. 2 caps once a day.
  4. Genistein (Alternate with Stamet7) one twice a day
  5. Intravenous high dose Vitamin C – much research to support increased survival in any type of cancer by several proposed mechanisms. Once a month. Alternate with IV R-ALA, IV Helixor Mistletoe, and Multivitamin Nutritional IV.

Intravenous Infusions

(One IV Infusion a week cycling through all four)

  1. Intravenous R- Alpha Lipoic Acid
  2. Intravenous Helixor Mistletoe
  3. Intravenous Nutritional Multivitamin

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