IMG_3190Feeling much gratitude for having completed a most challenging yet glorious year and being blessed to begin anew.  A year ago I thought I knew what aging well meant  – being fearless, confident and willing to step out in to the world, using all that one has learned in the years lived that has gotten one to consider aging!  In a sentence, choosing love over fear seemed to be what it took to age well.  I still believe in that.  Yet the year past has been quite a teacher and cancer has been the medium in which the lessons have been taught.  Sometimes aging well means having to sit with the fear and even serve it some tea.  It, too has a place at the table-

It was exactly this time last year that we first had the confirmation of cancer and our spirits were so very low.  But with some creative thinking, in the midst of all this, we planned a simple excursion to Baja, Mexico for some warmth and renewal while considering the options and with the help of ‘chocolate clams’ (no not milk or dark, just rich and delicious), swimming w Whale Sharks and rest in the hammocks, we determined how to proceed.Tom had a modified Whipple procedure ( a massive surgery- not for the faint of body) with a wonderful surgeon, was released in 5 days and was hiking in a week.  Tom’s self care throughout his life with Organic foods and Yoga, diligently doing ENERGY MEDICINE and infusing him with love all contributed to his healing.  And while 6 months of Chemotherapy took a toil, w hair and weight loss, choosing a naturopathic support to his immune system and nutrition allowed Tom and I, within weeks of completing the regime and w a clean PET scan, to travel to South America and travel 5,000 miles exploring Beautiful Southern Chile and Argentina, close to the Alps and affirm life, love and the beauty and richness of our glorious earth.IMG_2766

So in this new year, as I begin my 6th decade of living, loving and growing, I renew my commitments to living a quality life, aging well by embracing life and love fully, using The Four Agreements (see Tom’s new year entry) to navigate through challenges and uncharted territory and give thanks that within me is the desire to live life fully, constantly choosing love and being blessed to share that love with a unique and wonderfully conscious being, my Tom…..