So just ‘WHAT’ does “AGING WELL” mean??? part 1

     When I first envisioned this website, life was not easy, yet certainly manageable.  And what seemed an important new territory to explore and guide others, as I have been a guide for much of my career, seemed the unexplored hemisphere of  ‘AGING WELL’.  Hence, the seed for AGING WELL WITH IRIS was planted, and taken root.

From that early planting, my life education has taken me places I did not imagine.  I had been married and became a sudden widow with the traumatic death of my husband by suicide.  For 2 years, I lived in the land of grief and with important guides on that journey, committed myself to grief recovery without distraction and found pieces of myself, new and recovered that had been blown apart in the bomb of death.  

As I began to feel new life and strength in me, I challenged myself to reconnect in my faith and trust w source through stepping out into the world.  I prepared to embark on a three month journey to explore unknown parts of the world – most of it by myself.  I was so scared to step out and trust again, I had an extended period of insomnia and got extremely sick.  And if the universe didn’t think there was enough challenge on my plate, 3 weeks before I left on this journey, I was introduced to a fine gentleman by a mutual man friend, who’s intuition told him that we would enjoy knowing each other.  We enjoyed beginning to get acquainted with know each other in that brief time, found many common interests, and passions and Tom, on our first date, when told about my upcoming journey, asked what would I think “if someone would be interested to join me on some part of this journey, not get in the way or anything?” And then winked at me………and I standing up to go to the ladies room, asked “So why are you winking?” and walked off…………….!!!  I left on my journey, with no definite plans made w Tom, just possibilities.

     I began my journey in Fiji with a yoga group from Durango, Co., my home town and after a week, I was on my own and the journey began.  I listened in, did research on possible directions I could take and made choices. (see copies of earlier postings of a year ago for more detail from my journey)  Tom and I stayed in touch via Skype and e-mail and our friendship and interest in each other deepened.  By the time I flew to New Zealand, we were exploring Tom meeting me in Saigon, Vietnam for 8 days before I began a 2 week service project in Hanoi working w children and veterans affected by Agent Orange.

Yet I was tested to my core again, when, during my visit to Indonesia and a reunion with a man from the island of Sulewesi that I had met 13 years ago, we went diving together as we had dreamt of sharing for many years and during that dive, Wyn, holding my hand, died.  CPR was performed for over an hour as we raced to the city of Manado, a boat-ride away, to get him to the emergency room.  I watched life leave his body and felt shock and trauma as I faced death again so close to me.  I knew no one else in this foreign place and started to come undone.